HIPAA Compliance


• The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has a substantial impact on the entire health care industry

• Pierce LLC has always been committed to protecting its clients’ health care data

• Pierce LLC is always looking to ramp up its HIPAA Compliance efforts

• Pierce LLC is aware that outside consultant HIPAA risk management analysis and risk management is not a one-time activity. It is a dynamic process that must be periodically reviewed and updated in response to operational or environmental changes.

Therefore, during 2018, Pierce LLC retained AllSafeIT, Los Angeles, CA to conduct a full HIPAA security risk assessment on the Firm’s separate/stand-alone third party payer claims data system. A system that is used to store and analyze client’s health care claims information, which includes patient/member information. AllSafeIT’s scope of review was to verify that all appropriate levels of security were in place. The review, among other things, sought to ensure the presence of confidentiality, the integrity of all ePHI and to assess the entire system’s effectiveness to address and protect against any reasonably anticipated threats, hazards, or disclosure of ePHI not permitted under HIPAA.


Pierce LLC is very proud to report that the HIPAA Risk Analysis and Assessment Risk Score earned by our Firm is at the zero “0” risk level.


AllSafeIT’s Risk Score is based on industry wide practices for network health performance and security. An overall score of zero “0” means no HIPAA issues were detected in all environments.

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